Dry Grass Straws 20


100% compostable!

The grass straws is produced entirely from natural grass called Lepironia Articulate.

20 cm long and 6.5mm diameter.

Available in other dimensions.

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The straws are made of dry grass, the Lepironia Articulate. This plant usually grows in waters along the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

It’s cultivated by local people and produced in an ethical manner with the absolute absence of the use of child labour. The plant is cut, washed and sterilized from any parasites. It is then left to dry for then to be further cut to size and put on the market. The product is top quality, superior to any other product currently on the market, which still contain chemical additives (paper straws) or mixed materials (agave, sugar cane and bioplastic, also called PLA) which at the moment cannot be recycled due to the absence of prepared machinery. The peculiarity of our product, in addition to not changing the consistency during use, is that, even if broken by mistake, it will continue to make its use. In addition, once immersed in liquids it will absorb them and become indestructible.


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