Disclaimer: Bowlbunny isn't perfect

But we do our best to make it as sustainable as possible. We put daily effort in searching for the less impacting ways to deliver our customers the products they love.

Responsible harvesting

The forest is respected! And so is coconut tree's life cycle.


Coconut bowls and cutlery are 100% compostable!

That's why they're the greenest possible option!

Zero waste

Coconut shells are the very last product of the coconut industry. Actually they'd be the waste of it, after the pulp and the milk are extracted and processed.

We don't want to miss the chance to transform potential waste into value!


We stick to the strictly necessary! Both for the in-store sale and for the e-comm as well.

Moreover, we choose as sustainable as possible materials: recycled and recyclable paper for boxes, water ink for prints, reused packaging.

We work with companies such as PackHelp and Noissue which have sustainable solutions!


We chose to ship from Vietnam by sea, so we can reduce the carbon emissions comparing to air transportation.

Then we partner with DHL for the final part of the delivery - the way to the warehouse - and also for e-commerce shipping.

We chose DHL because of their green logistics plans


That's the watchword!

We partner up with Treedom to try to get as close as possible to the goal of neutralizing the carbon footprint we produce in the entire manufacturing and shipping process!